Health insurance and dental treatment (part 1)

Dental treatment is one of the most frequently claimed services under health insurance, but many people still don’t know how it works, or whether it’s worth it. Here’s part 1 of our guide on claiming dental treatment under health insurance.

1. Make sure you have EXTRAS COVER

Health insurance has two components – hospital cover and extras cover. Hospital cover provides benefits for procedures that take place in hospital, but extras cover is what you need to claim on services that don’t take place in hospital, and that Medicare doesn’t cover. These include things like optical services, physiotherapy and of course, dental treatment.

So if you want cover for dental treatment, make sure you choose extras cover with or without hospital cover.

2. Choose General Dental and/or Major Dental

Under extras cover, you can elect to be covered for General Dental and/or Major Dental. General dental includes things like fillings, x-rays and general procedures for preventative treatment. Major dental, however, covers more extensive treatment like crowns and root canal procedures.

Make sure your extras cover includes both types of services to ensure you’re fully covered for dental work.

3. Keep waiting periods in mind

As with most health insurance services, dental treatment also has waiting periods. General Dental usually has a 2 month waiting period while Major Dental generally has a 12 month waiting period. Your waiting periods must be completed in order to claim on dental services.

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