Health insurance and dental treatment (part 2)

Part two of our essential guide on claiming dental benefits under health insurance:

4. Know your benefit limits

Each health insurance policy has different benefit limits for the various features it covers. Find out what your benefit limits are for General and Major Dental so you know in advance how much you can expect to receive from your health fund.

For example, one policy might cover up to $500 per person each year for General Dental benefits, while another has unlimited benefits.

Then within the overall benefit limit, each item/service covered has its own limit. For example, one policy may pay out $60 for a scale and clean while another pays $120. It’s not necessary to drill down to this level of information, but for those who like to calculate in advance, it can be beneficial.

5. Go to a participating dentist

Make sure the dentist you go to has an agreement with your health fund so they can claim your benefits directly from them. She’s Apples has agreements in place with all the major health funds.

6. Use your health fund card to claim directly

Make sure you take your health fund membership card to your appointment so your dental surgery can claim your benefits directly from your fund. They use a HICAPS machine, similar to an EFTPOS machine, to run your card through and find out what benefits you are entitled to. You will then only need to pay the difference between the cost of the treatment and the amount paid by your health fund.

If you have health insurance and would like to claim on dental benefits, make an appointment with She’s Apples Dentistry today.

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