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Invisalign is the way to move your teeth, almost invisibly and with the minimum of disruption to your life.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a system for moving teething using a series of clear trays or aligners that fit snugly onto your teeth. invisalign was designed by orthodontists of solving a number of problems including:

  • crowding of teeth
  • spacing of teeth
  • deep bite
  • open bite

invisalign trays are almost invisible when you’re wearing them unlike normal braces. The trays are taken out for eating and for drinking hot drinks such as tea and coffee. Depending on the complexity of the problem, Invisalign treatment generally lasts for between seven and 15 months. After the teeth have been moved into the ideal position, Invisalign clear retainers are worn for eight months and then at night only to maintain your straight smile.

Smile architecture and design guidelines are used to ensure that your teeth are moved into your perfect smile. You may have heard of the term “golden proportions” in relation to facial harmony. Smile design relates to the amount of gum shown on smiling and the relationship of the upper teeth and the lips at rest and when smiling as well as the tooth width and length proportions. Invisalign is sometimes part of a treatment plan that includes tooth whitening and veneers or bonding to achieve the wonderful smile.

Benefits of Invisalign

  • Invisible: As the trays are almost invisible, there is no self consciousness when wearing them and no tendency to hide your teeth, unlike when normal metal braces are being worn.
  • Removable: the trays are removed for eating and drinking. You are given a slim box to place the trays in when you eat.
  • Predictable: The results of the treatment are known and understood before starting Invisalign treatment.
  • Comfortable: there are no metal wires or brackets that could irritate the delicate oral tissues.


Before you sign up for invisalign you will be able to watch a virtual movie of your teeth moving into position. When you are happy with the predicted outcome, we order your individually made trays. these take about two weeks to arrive at the dental office.

During treatment

Aligners or trays worn for 22 hours per day and are changed every two weeks. In the two weeks your teeth will have moved enough to accept the the next sequential aligner.


There is a period of retention when aligners are worn for 16 hours a day and then at night only. this prevents the teeth from moving back into the old position. Many of us did not wear our retainers of long enough as kids and now have some relapse and crowding for which invisalign is great for correcting.

What are the costs

Depending on the amount of tooth disharmony, Invisalign can cost as little as $5500 and up to $9000 for a more complex case.

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