The dangers of DIY tooth whitening

We all know a beautiful white smile can dramatically improve our appearance, but how far would you go for perfect pearly whites? Many people opt for the DIY option, but The Australian Dental Association has reported that dentists are seeing an increasing number of patients with mouth injuries due to home teeth bleaching.

In fact, as recent as early 2012, two do-it-yourself teeth whiteners were recalled due to harmful side-effects including chemical burns. These products are “Bright White Express – Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit” and ‘Proteethwhitening – Professional Teeth Whitening Pen”, both supplied by a company called Pro Teeth Whitening.

David Bradbury, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, said, “These products contain the bleaching agent hydrogen peroxide in higher concentrations than the recognised safe limits as set out in the Poisons Standard 2011 and are unsafe for DIY teeth whitening.”

Read the SMH article

If you’ve used either of these products, we recommend you stop immediately and get your teeth checked by a professional.

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